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Industrial Safety: Custom-Built Platforms, Crossovers, Stainless Steel Handrail, Safety Compliance

When it comes to ensuring industrial safety on the job and in the work place, no one is more committed than Installation Services of Illinois. Offering you custom-built OSHA-compliant access platforms, crossovers, stainless steel handrail and safety containment, safety ladder, and comprehensive maintenance support services for safety inspection and compliance readiness.

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Making Safety a Top Priority

Our own progressive safety program is focused on educating our workforce, identifying potential safety hazards and enforcing accident-prevention practices. These preventative measures include weekly distribution of safety bulletins to workers for onsite tool-box talks:

  • Onsite evaluation of installation projects and conditions
  • Meticulous maintenance of machinery and equipment

Because safety in the workplace is one of the best ways to reduce workers' compensation insurance costs, it's a top priority at ISI. Each year NCCI, the nation's premier database source of workers' compensation insurance information, calculates a company's EMR based on payroll factors, the frequency of employee injuries and the dollar value of those injuries. This rating is used by insurance companies to help determine a company's workers' compensation insurance premium. The lower the rating the lower the insurance costs.

Our strict safety procedures and exceptional efforts have earned us an outstanding safety record with an Experience Modification Rating of 0.78 from the National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc. (NCCI), which allows us to pass on the savings to you!

Call 630.510.8900 to discuss how we can help you with your safety compliance concerns.

"ISI's safety program keeps projects accident-free and on schedule."

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